Compression Therapy

Compression stockings have helped patients find relief from certain symptoms of venous diseases such as varicose veins and spider veins. They are commonly used before other more expensive and, in some cases, more invasive treatments and may be used following these procedures as well. Compression stockings work to promote healthy blood flow and healing following many venous treatments. 

The stockings apply the most pressure around the ankle and gradually apply less pressure as they move up the legs. This helps move blood back up the leg towards the heart. In most cases, compression stockings are prescribed by a physician or provided directly to the patient by the physician. Different strengths are required for different patient needs. Over-the-counter compression stockings are available, but may not be as strong or as effective in relieving symptoms of varicose veins.

Compression stockings will not cure varicose veins, but they are often a great way to eliminate many of the symptoms caused by the condition. These stockings may also reduce one's risk of developing blood clots during long plane or car rides. They are intended to be worn all day and patients should wear them for as long as recommended by Dr. Oblonsky. Sometimes the hose can be worn all day and then removed in the evening.

Compression stockings may not be recommended for patients with diabetes, who smoke or who have a decreased supply of blood to the legs. One common complaint associated with compression stockings is warm legs. These may be more difficult or uncomfortable to wear in warm summer months. Wearing the stockings becomes easier as the patient adjusts to them, however. Some patients use a small amount of silicone lotion or turn the stockings inside out to make putting them on and wearing them easier. 

A pair of compression stockings typically lasts between 6 months and a year and should be washed by hand to avoid losing elasticity in washing machines.

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