Insurance Coverage for The Premier Vein Center

We’ve got you covered

At the THE PREMIER VEIN CENTER, we believe in all facets of patient care and administration. After all, an informed patient makes better decisions, leading to better long-term results! With regard to your medical coverage, before we can submit potential vein treatment to your insurance for approval, we must prove that your symptoms are caused by a real and treatable medical problem. To obtain your initial diagnosis, we will conduct an ultrasound exam of your leg veins to determine exactly what the issues are.

It’s important to know whether the vein practice you visit has expertise in insurance authorization. Insurance companies have very strict and differing criteria that must be met to meet medical necessity for insurance authorization.

In order to make sure you receive accurate information about which procedures will be covered by your insurance company, you’ll need to be evaluated for issues such as: vein size, location of vein leakage, the number of procedures approved, the number of injections approved, and the number of months you’ve been wearing specially prescribed stockings.

We do NOT want you to be surprised about your potential personal responsibility, which happens frequently at large hospital institutions.

We accept most major insurance providers, including Medicare, BC/BS, Cigna and Humana . Some insurance providers may require you to have a referral to see us.

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